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How To Create A More Sustainable Home

We’ve curated a collection of sustainable items that look great, but don’t cost the earth. From recycled and sustainable materials to locally made – each is a little hero in the battle to reverse damage to our planet

Pink Glass Lamp, £175…BUY HERE
This table lamp is proof that eco and stylish do go together. Handcrafted in the UK from recycled glass, featuring a bulb-shaped base with a subtle hint of pink and a white fabric cord running through the middle. Oversized with impressive proportions, this extra large lamp is destined to make an impact. Imagine it on a console, bedside or in the lounge.

Pioneer Table, £2495…BUY HERE
Perfect for accommodating the entire family, our versatile reclaimed pioneer table extends to welcome small or large family gatherings. Use the additional parts to lengthen and create even more space, or collapse to a smaller circular table for more modest get-togethers. Crafted from natural recycled pine, with inherent characteristics that will ensure every piece is unique.

Pioneer Chest, £1250…BUY HERE
How homely is this rustic oversized chest? We just love the vintage postmaster-inspired metal handles, plus with twenty-four drawers it’s got ample storage for busy homes. Imagine it in the kitchen, lounge, study or hallway. Just like the Pioneer Table, each one is crafted from reclaimed, weathered pine wood. Imagine it with the Pink Glass Lamp, like a perfect marriage.

Reclaimed Distressed Cupboard, £1695…BUY HERE
This is the perfect piece to give your home some serious farmhouse cool. Featuring three doors, four handy crates (adorable) and two generously-sized drawers with postmaster-style handles, it combines character with charm.

Eco Diffuser, £30…BUY HERE
These are fab, crafted from upcycled wine bottles – how clever!

Recycled Leather Rug, £21…BUY HERE
Add texture to your room with this small grey and beige leather rug. Handmade in India from recycled materials with a striking diamond pattern and dark fringing.

Bamboo Ladder, £45…BUY HERE
This is the most handy item and stylish too in it’s simplicity. Use it to hang tea-towels or towels to create a spa like bathroom.

Yaro Hemp Rug, £165
Skilfully hand-woven by talented artisans in India, our eco-friendly Yaro rug promises to bring natural, earthy tones to your space. Crafted from hemp – a durable and sustainable natural fibre – this timeless rug are easy to maintain and ideal for high traffic areas.

Reusable Glass Straws, £7.95…BUY HERE
An easy little win in the the battle against our plastic pollution. Stylish and simple, they’ll be a talking point at your next social meet. (Dishwasher safe).

Bee House, £13.95…BUY HERE
We now know how vital bees are to sustaining our crops, yet they are struggling to survive. Let’s give them a helping hand with this neat Bee House. Combine it with a Bee Bomb for the perfect gift.

Bee Bomb, £3.95…BUY HERE
These are clever and so simple you don’t need to have any real gardening experience. Create a haven for garden bees with this ingenious Pollinator Beebom. Containing a selection of bee-friendly plant seeds, throw this biodegradable seed bomb on a patch of bare soil to grow beautiful flowers, specially chosen by the RHS to encourage bees into your garden. The best gift for eco-conscious and wannabe gardeners alike.

Floral Beeswax, £26.95…BUY HERE
It’s all about little changes isn’t it? These are great one to replace clingfilm and plastic food bags; totally reusable and antibacterial Beeswax food wraps.

Sustainable Home, £18…BUY HERE
Sustainable Home is a smart, practical book, filled with tips for homeowners keen to make their living spaces more eco-friendly. Presented as an easy-to-follow catalogue, it features 17 projects designed to make homes sustainable, following the lead of environmental-based movements, such as veganism and zero-wasting. Techniques and tips are supplemented with 200 plus minimalist images

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