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Move Over Santa, Bonkers Baubles Are This Years Star Attraction

Words: Polly

Photos: Rockett St George, Bombki

“Christmas is too sparkly” – said no-one ever

It wasn’t all that long ago that Ikea cried ‘chuck out your chintz’ and we all did with hapless abandon. Fast-forward to a crazy, politically uncertain world, that sees us clamoring for a sense of security, prompting an era of very individual style statements at home. Dark interiors in particular have helped us to cocoon and embrace a cacophany of accessories that are fun first, style statement second. An eccentric collection of curiosities has returned to many a shelf with stories to tell of their owners personalities and lifestyle. It’s about saying who we are, what we value and letting loose with a big fat ‘F’ for fun.

So, I reckon kitsch is about to hit our Christmas in a big way and the more bonkers the bauble the better. Here’s my round up of the most disco worthy baubles;

Disco Ball Tree Topper £30 (Rockett St George)
This is my new fav topper, even over taken the star which has always been a winner. So if you feel like going all out disco this year then this has to be top of the list. Fabulously twinkly, who doesn’t love a disco ball? (H14″ x dia 7.5″).
(Also available is a Disco Ball Wreath £80)

Disco Ball Decorations From £19.99 (Rockett St George)
Available in two sizes, add even more glam to your home with these gold hanging versions. Suspend in a cluster from high ceilings, over the Christmas table, grouped under the tree, or simply on a console table with foliage for a festive welcome (15/25cm dia).

80’s Inspired Tree Decorations From £12 (Rockett St George – pictured right)
Have a throw back themed Christmas with this lovely lot. From Ziggy to a roller skate and my fav, the mix tape, cleverly wall-hung here, so even if you have a small pad you can still have a fab ‘christmas tree’.

Handmade Glass Baubles From £20 (Bombki Baubles – main picture + scroll down for more)
Bombki was featured on a The Worlds Most Expensive Christmas (Ch4) a couple of years ago and has stuck in my mind since for their wit and unique charm. Each glass bauble is handmade and draws on a wealth of tradition. Head of design, Michael Peterson BSc personally oversees the creation of each new bauble design from conception to the final piece. Clients include Paul Smith and each order arrives in a wooden box, making them totally collectible and even gift worthy. Choose from James Bond, London icons, a Corgi dog, Custard Cream, Mince Pie, Lipstick, Handbag, Guitar……so hard to decide.

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