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Your Walls Will Talk – Epic Wallpapers

Words: Polly

Photos: Fine & Dandy, Poodle & Blonde, Jonathan Yeo, The House of Mischief 

“I like an interior that defies labeling; I don’t really want someone to walk into a room and know that I did it” – Bunny Williams

Fine & Dandy
Somewhere between splendiferous and fanciful sits a small unassuming manor house. What lies within will soothe weary sensibilities that may have grown dull by a journey across the Sea of Beige. Meet a trio of highly creative women whose talents collide into a collection of wonderful, playful and whimsical wallpapers. Meet Fine & Dandy.

I spotted this Paradis in marigold on the Instagram feed of @jewelmarlowe who has it in her powder room. Oh how gorgeous does it look? It has a chinoiserie feel to it [literally French for Chinese] a decorative style popular during the 18th Century, when the custom of The Grand Tour was at it’s height in Europe. Well-heeled young men set off on a trip of discovery bringing a touch of the exotic back to little old blighty.

Also by Fine & Dandy, Galatica has a glamorous nostalgia to it that would be right at home in The Great Gatsby. Think cocktails, feather boas and fringe flapper dresses – Galactica is the perfect wallpaper for entertaining.

Poodle & Blonde
Another chinoiserie style wallpaper, this time by creative duo Whinnie Williams and Kierra Campbell, who teamed up via Instagram. Whinnie’s creativity is expressed throughout her Margate home that she shares with a menagerie of pets, and is so fabulous it’s available to hire as a location for film & fashion. Their chinoiserie style print was carefully hand embroidered in-house onto vintage slub silk; after which the design has been digitally captured, with the fabric edges left in to create the stunning illusion of silk dressed walls once the paper is hung. Look closely, instead of delivering babies the stork is dropping off take-aways.

Food Babies features as part of their Pavilion Collection, a trio of designs inspired by the exotic bamboo furnishings and Chinese art of The Royal Pavilion. Available in four colorways with Blossom featuring tones of pinks, green and off-white. It would look fab in a bedroom, or better still a cloakroom where everyone can enjoy it’s humour.

Jonathan Yeo
If you love a touch of naughty then this is the wallpaper for you. It’s ‘Leaf’ by artist Jonathan Yeo, and as a limited edition, it’s more of a work of art than a wallpaper. Innocent enough at first glance, a leafy pattern on a rich teal background, until you look closely. I’ll let you zoom in to discover the hidden motifs for yourself. Save to say this is not one for the kids bedroom, nor anywhere granny may visit. You have been warned!

The House of Mischief
Next up Damasutra. The clue is in the name, nothing is quite as it seems and you need to look closely to see what I mean…! Choose between a matt chalky or satin pearlescent finish.

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