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Camp As Christmas – The Rainbow Tree Trend

Words: Polly

Photos: Amazon, John Lewis, Graham & Green

Rockin Around The Rainbow Christmas Tree

Have you noticed the trend yet? Christmas has been shifting in latter years towards more decorative detailing, from colour coordinated baubles positioned just so in perfect symmetry, to a mix of baubles that reflect our personalities. Having been the former, I couldn’t imagine loading my tree with, well kitsch. Yet, I fell in love with the Bombki glass Mince Pie and Brussel Sprout baubles from Graham & Green that appeared on my tree two years ago (and since).

Recently, I bought a black labrador bauble as a gift for a friend whose lab sadly passed away, and another designer friend buys a new bauble for each child annually, providing a lovely chronology of designs. As mementos, each takes on personal meaning and it’s this that’s seen more unusual baubles gain traction. Last year saw John Lewis introduce us to the Rainbow Bauble Tree, just to dip our toe in it seems, ready for this years’ full on Rainbow Trees. Colourful and wonderfully bonkers, the Rainbow Trend won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you are going for it, do share your rainbow style on social @thecuriouscoco – we can’t wait to see your posts!

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