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Star Struck

Words: Polly

Photos: Nkuku, Graham & Green, Abigail Ahern, The White Co, Tramps, Popham Design

“If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.” – Bill Watterson

One of the trends that has some staying power (other than pineapples, which I thought would last a season – who knew) are stars. Following on from white hearts, which ultimately became a bit too shabby chic for my taste; stars have an ethereal, magical quality that evokes joy.

They have long been associated with mythology, spirituality and religious iconography, as well as representing many a lost loved one. Perhaps this is why, in its many forms, the simple star has captured our hearts and crept into interiors beyond Christmas time.

Here’s a few ideas for the festive season and beyond:
Chatari Mesh Stars by Nkuku (From £39.95)
These mesh stars (main image above) caught my eye for their slightly imperfect artisan quality. They look great as they are, but what’s really clever is you can pop things inside them. Try fairy lights for a star shaped lamp, florists dried oranges for a scented Christmas decoration, small baubles would add reflective charm, or half fill with straw, top with toy animals and a manger et voila, a unique nativity scene. Or…think outside the ‘star’ and suspend mini tree decorations from them. Beyond the festive season they’d look lovely in the garden, tucked within a border, on a fence, or lined with moss and plants for a star shaped display (bear in mind they will weather). Back indoors arrange Lego characters for a kids room, insert 70’s polaroid photos for a vintage look, or display them just as they are. The possibilities are endless. Oh, and they can be wall-hung as well.
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Abesso Star Pots by Nkuku (From £12.95)
Also by Nkuku are these little gems that’ll make your desk rock. So simple but really effective; they’d make a great gift for the super organised, or those of us who need a little help with that.

Beaded Star from The White Company (£65.00)
I bought this oversized 1mtr star from The White Company a few years ago and still enjoy it. For eons I dreamed of a wooden floor with oversized, floorstanding pieces propped against the wall, making this star the perfect piece for the study. Here, I’ve teamed it up with a vintage oak stool and chunky throw from Soho Home, Book pictures from Kelly Hoppen, Geo throw from Rosara and matt black walls. Since sharing on insta I’ve have had so many requests on where to buy the star and at last I can report that the show-stopping bestseller is available once more at The White Company. Designed in-house and made from silver glass beads, hand-threaded around a sturdy metal frame, it has a subtle reflective quality. Featuring a white organza tie ready to hang in a large window, on a wall or above the fireplace for a contemporary statement. If you love it, buy it before it goes!

Star Dining Chair from Rockett St George (£135.00)
With a retro feel, these star dining/study chairs are comfortable while making a design statement. Also available in off-white so you can mix the two for a cool monochrome scheme.

North Star Candle Holder (Abigail Ahern £18)
Part ornament part art, this candle holder will add instant pizzaaz to a display. Team it up with the Midas Hand Sculpture and a stack of your favourite books for a stylish still life.
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Three Star Doormat (Graham & Green £25)
Make an entrance with this new version of the coir star doormat in charcoal. Available from 13/11.

Amish Barn Stars by Tramps (From £21.60)
These are on my radar! Original tin stars imported directly from the Amish community in Lancaster County, PA. Upcycled from tin roofs, some come with paint and wear giving an extra touch of charm. Cluster a few together on a sideboard, kitchen counter or group several on a wall instead of pictures. Alternatively, remove the glass and backing from a picture frame and pop it around just one star, or nestle a single star among framed art for a little twist. Each colour has its own powerful meaning; Black means protection, Blue means peace, calmness and spirituality, while white means purity, power of the moon and free flowing energy.

Hex Star Tiles by Popham
How divine are these Hex tiles? Navy and gold work perfectly together like bread and butter. Founded by two Americans based in Marrakech, Popham brings a contemporary edge to traditional Moroccan cement tiles with striking, graphic patterns. The production process is admirably eco-friendly too, with all materials sourced locally and every tile finished in a more energy efficient hydraulic press, rather than kiln-fired.

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