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Curious? Be Bold With Rebel Ella B

Words: Polly

Photos: Waterford

“You don’t have to burn your bra, or books to rebel, you don’t have to rebel against teachers to rebel; to rebel is to truly own your own self”

Award-winning designer Jo Sampson (of interior design studio Blacksheep Creative fame) has created some serious rock worthy pieces with her Rebel Collection. Designed to embody a spirit of nonconformist cool by using the iconic motif of the punk stud as the heart of its design, with cutting-edge geometry for its enduring outsider appeal. It’s statement strength lies in this geometric shape that reminds me of the brass ashtrays at Soho House (not that I smoke, but if I did…)

Representing the axis of music and fashion, the punk stud injects a tough, streetwise vitality to the pieces, which contrasts with the refined craftsmanship that goes into their creation. Designed as highly covetable and stylish accoutrements for young professionals leading fast-paced city lives, the Rebel aesthetic mixes the rough with the smooth.

The design extends beyond fashion into the home with the Rebel Collection for Waterford. Combining golden metal with crystal in shades of plum, amber, blush, pink and purple, the clear crystal is particularly decadent, with a distinct style all of its own. Well worth a look.

Jo Sampson

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