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How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like A Stylist

Words: Polly

Photos: Habitat, Graham & Green, Cox & Cox

Don’t get your baubles in a tangle – read our easy guide on how to decorate a Christmas Tree

Step 1. Strings of Lights
This is easiest if you turn the lights on so you can really see where they are going (and check they’re working!). Lay them on the floor full stretch to get a sense of how far they will wrap around your tree. More is more here, there is nothing worse than sparse lights and the result will be disappointing. Choose between coloured, warm or cool white, and think bigger by using bistro lights if your tree is above 5ft.

You could also combine large and small lights to give a real wow factor on bigger trees.

Start by gently wrapping the lights from the rear of the tree, bottom to top in a spiral, helterskelter style, attaching the last light to the vertical tip  – this can light a topper or just define the treetop. A common mistake is to run lights around the outer edge of the tree, but a you’ll get a better effect if you run them about a third in, with occasional lights nearer the branch tips, just to define the silhouette.

If, after you’ve fully dressed the tree you have some lights leftover, just drape them around the gifts for a glow of light at the base.

Step 2. Decide on a Theme (and stick to it!)
This is about creating the look from colour to style. It maybe ‘Glamour’ with lots of sparkle and feather boas swathed around instead of ribbon or tinsel for example. Nature lovers could have animal decorations like birds, hedgehogs and robins, and dried oranges to give a natural festive aroma. Traditionalists may prefer regular baubles, arranged perfectly symmetrically in reds and golds. Cool types may prefer a more free style, with a mix of highly individual decorations – I’m thinking Rockett St George here, they have the most rock n’roll collection out there.

There are some fantastic designs available now, so you can really personalise your tree with decorations that represent you.

3. Layer & Cluster
If you’re using baubles then a really good way to get an even spread is to use three different sizes and cluster these, in groups, on branches in close proximity to each other. Bed the largest baubles further in the tree to give depth and locate near lights to give extra sparkle. Repeat all around the tree and you should have a look that’s balanced.

Group decorations in threes as you position them for an even and visually interesting effect

For more individual decorations, layering is the way to go. Again consider sizes and hang larger ones further into the tree, with smaller ones towards the tips. Browse some unusual styles here 

Hang your favourite decorations in prominent positions for maximum enjoyment.

4. Tree Topper
If you’re going to add a topper make sure to check the weight as some are quite heavy given they’re going on the flimsiest part of the tree. If a topper isn’t your style you could add one of your favourite decorations, or leave it plain.

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