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Fringe Benefits – How To Rock Interior Bangs

Words: Polly

Photos: Judeco, Boboboom, Curiousa & Curiousa, Jonathan Adler,
Meredith Heron, Moooi, Koket, Konekt, Pooky, Urban Outfitters, Pfeifer Studio

“Fringes are to interiors what statement earrings are to an outfit!” – Polly  

Ah fringe – the marmite of interior design. Love it or hate it, everything comes back around so brace yourself, fringes are back with a vengeance, from cushions and lampshades to fringed sofa’s –  say whaaaat – yes, they’re back too – fringes are set to become the interiors equivalent of statement earrings for your outfit.

I do love a fringed handbag and am partial to fringed panels in clubs or stores like Victoria’s Secret, but I wasn’t sure I’d ever be ready for the return of the fringed accessories and upholstery.

Originally used on furniture as a way to keep textile trims from unraveling, fringe has featured in many a decor trend, from Victorian lampshades to hippy 60s curtains.

However, you’re not alone if they conjure up memories of being at aunties for tea and cake on a Sunday afternoon, when the lounge was called the parlour and entertainment was a game of cards, played beneath dimly lit fringed lamps that felt old and stuffy.

Hard then, to imagine then that the fringe is making a huge comeback. Perhaps this reincarnation is a celebration of nostalgia, or a desire to express our history and individuality in a world shifting at an ever faster pace.

Whatever the inspiration they’ve been reimagined for a new audience in exotic or tropical print silks and fabrics, mixed materials like glass with fabric fringes, metal fringes, ombre fringes and lampshades with extra long fringes.

You get the picture; go full on maximalist or add a cluster of fringed lampshades to a corner of a room, noting they can look heavy, so opt for more airy styles to keep it light.

Tiger Lily Chandelier by Curiousa & Curiousa

For example, this striking piece by Curiousa & Curiousa merges eastern and western styles with a nod to Art Deco. Elegant, exotic and luxurious, designed by Esther Patterson who champions traditional craftsmanship, to “…evoke a bygone age of opulence from the daring 1920’s and the influences at that time, from the British travelers who brought back rich and luscious textiles and objects from the far reaches of our planet. As a nation we embraced these influences and a special style emerged from this”. Reinvented for contemporary taste this piece mixes copper, rich aubergine, smoked olive and yellow ochre. However, you can choose from different flex and 22 glass colours, each hand-blown to order in 8 weeks. [Pictured here: Tiger Lily Chandelier; Yellow Ochre Medium Teardrop, Aubergine Medium Teardrop, 2 x Smoked Olive Large Teardrops (all with Gold handmade tassel), 2 x Copper Cloak & Dagger, Yellow Ochre Cloak & Dagger, Aubergine Oolong Pendant and a Yellow Ochre and Smoked Olive Stemmed Round, all with Celtic Gold flex and Aged Brass fittings, £5690].

Sophisticated style by Judeco

(Above & main image) If anything can banish the frumpy image of fringe it’s this scheme by Belgium based Judeco. Designer Judy Herman has triumphed in creating a modern colonial style that’s seriously glam. Gathered old gold silk lampshades set at different heights really work as a feature against the animal print and matt black walls. It’s totally lavish, oozing drama and class, with a tactile richness that’s sophisticated; perfect for social soirées with a crystal coupe in hand. (The goose?? Yep, I’d ditch that! It detracts from what is otherwise a really stunning scheme).

Abat Jour Lampshades

Even traditional style shades and fabrics can work in a contemporary space, a look I first saw in Ted Baker boutiques a while back. Here’s a similar look that’s really effective in creating a statement focal point that feels fresh and fun. The shades are available in 64 fabric options including lace (Abat Jour shades by Boboboom).

Abat Jour in Lace

Moooi Amami Sofa
From frumpy to fabulous! With a shift towards more decadent interiors that oooze glam it was only a matter of time before the bullion skirt returned to upholstery. Here, Lorenza Bozzoli has used tie dye process to create this stunning ombre gradient fringing for Moooi.

Baxter Sofa – SS17 Jonathan Adler
Jonathan Adler is arguably the king of glam kitsch so adding fringing was always going to happen and blends into his visionary interiors seemlessly.

Meredith Heron Design
I think Meredith Heron has captured the spirit of the fringe perfectly here. With the balance of neutrals, the fringe is brought right up to date and I have to say…. I really…..really…. love it. I know right, I never thought I’d utter that either. This space is so inviting and tactile with a textural play that is just divine.

Thing Stools by Konekt
“I was getting my hair cut, and I glanced at a neck-duster brush and instantly knew I was going to incorporate this into a stool,” says Helena Sultan of Konekt, the American label that produces artisanal home furniture.

The mother and daughter duo use expressive natural materials, organic shapes, textures and patinas that represent a ‘deep appreciation for the nuanced beauty of antique objects and furniture’ that brings sublime luxury to their designs.

Dreamcatcher Mirror 
So far we’ve looked at high end options as this is where trends often emerge first, however, it isn’t usually too long before the High Street capture the trend and release more affordable designs. In the meantime try Etsy, charity shops and flea markets. Expect to see fringes rippling from the edges of cushions, as well as showing up in some unexpected places like this Dreamcatcher Mirror with a gold metal fringe (£45, Urban Outfitters).

For even more inspo check out the Curious Coco ‘Fringe Benefit’ Pinterest Board, featuring loads of looks including a fringed lampshade Christmas tree (I’ll let you be the judge on that one!).

Pooky Ikat Lamps
If you still can’t see past the dowdy image of old, but like the idea of a shade with personality, try Pooky for a great selection of empire shades in beautifully simple fabric options, or Pfeifer Studio have a fantastic fringed leather cushion (pictured below) for a subtle touch – Flamenco Cushion £163.

Perhaps the fringe will be a grower……like gold….you didn’t see that coming back either…

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