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New Year, New Hue – Introducing Heart Wood

Words: Polly

Photos: Dulux Futures

“A universal given is that home is where the heart is”

Introducing Heart Wood, a beautiful warm heathery pink, chosen by the colour specialists at Dulux Global Aesthetic Centre as the paint for 2018, which [whilst I’m not a fan of pink based interiors, even in kids bedrooms] works really well with moody and Nordic hues.

It has a smokey taupe quality with a mauve undertone that make it a versatile colour, creating a range of moods, depending on the palette you pair it with. 

How are these colours chosen? Well, a collection of colour experts, trend forecasters and design influencers scan the globe for key indicators, from political activism to music and fashion, to select a colour that captures the essence of the present climate.

This forecasting then trickles into designers and buyers consciousness to influence the products we ultimately buy on the High Street. This is why you’ll notice a particular colour popping up in a lot of shops at the same time (like a big old colour conspiracy, no?).

Now, with ‘trends’ comes a caveat from me. If you don’t like the trend don’t buy into it. My advice is always to surround yourself with colours, patterns and unique pieces that make you feel comfortable. If that happens to be the latest trend great.




  1. Because of its complex undertones Heart Wood will change colour depending what it’s placed next to, so it’s advisable to use a tester before committing en masse.
  2. With matt paint it’s particularly important to bring the space to life by adding layers of textures and lighting, patterns, reflective metals and decorative accessories, to avoid the ‘flat’ look emulsion alone will bring.

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