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Summer Styling – Boho Chic

Words: Polly

Photos: Design Vintage

Be kind, be playful, be curious, be a little bit boho darling!

The ultimate in chic, Boho epitomises a free-spirited sense of adventure, free-flowing with a happy energy. Derived from “Bohemian” a French word for “gypsy,” it applies to those who live unconventional (usually artistic) lives. Typical of the look are tassels, ethnic influences, artisan one-offs, white and floaty or colourful and patterned. Here old and new are perfect companions.  Think art, books, furniture, fabrics, pillows, sculptures, plants, lamps, or whatever else makes your heart sing. It’s about a cosy space that’s full of life.

Design Vintage has oodles of Boho pieces to create loose living with natural textures and materials at heart. Here’s a few easy pieces to add instant well-traveled, well-lived vibes to your home.

1. I can vouch for these Snake Charmer Baskets by Love Warrior that can be used for small storage or as I have, stack them for a unique display. Hand made in light weight bamboo, carefully sun dried and white-washed in Bali, which has a special place in my heart. The gentle Hindu Balinese are warm, charming and friendly and the island is breathtakingly beautiful mixed with ancient charm and all the hustle and bustle you’d expect at markets selling eclectic artisan goods from carvings to spices. Sold as a set of 3 (Diameter 35cm x 15cm high, 30cm x 13cm & 25cm x 11cm approx. £30).

2. Shell Lampshade by TineK £75. Another easy piece to add either as a lampshade or as a hanging decoration for a statement. Simple and effective. Note also the Moroccan Chair, £160, and Short Moroccan Stool, £30, made from woven palm leaves for a touch of artisan texture.

3. Macrame was huge in the 70’s and is having a bit of a revival at the moment, making it an essential piece of handmade for your Boho home. (Macrame Mirror. £75).

4. Retro Bamboo table. A beautiful little piece with a clear glass top and bamboo shelf. Equally at home in your living space, bedroom or bathroom. Note the rug, chair and Handwoven Throw too. (Throw £60. Table: diameter 65cm x 53cm high. £225).

5. Boho Pom Pom Rug. A bit of a bargain I reckon for this rug in off white and black. Plus it’s machine washable – what’s not to like and it’s a refreshing change from the Berber. (£50. 120cm x 70cm).

6. Handmade Shell Basket by artisans in Indonesia – perfect for all your little treasures, £30. A similar feather crown is £98 and shell jewellery is from £17.50.

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