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3 Ways With Heart Wood

Words: Polly

Photos: Dulux Futures

“Home is where the heart is”

Don’t worry if you’re home has become stagnant, here’s a quick fix with paint that’ll take you from drab to fab in 2018.

Dulux says that Heart Wood’s “soft and neutral hues counterbalance the instability of the outside world”. A tumultuous world has been influencing our interior choices in particular in latter years, with the notion of home as a sanctuary in a difficult environment. Essentially, when times get tough we want to retreat, we hanker down. Home is about feeling safe, nurtured and welcomed. It’s the only place we can exert true control and express who we really are.

With this in mind, Dulux have compiled three different interior personalities using Heart Wood: Comforting, Inviting and Playful.

If you think Heart Wood is a bit too ‘feminine’ then the ‘Inviting’ palette is for you and I personally predict dark blues, teamed with gold or blackened brass will be a big in 2018 and beyond.

Comforting – Heart Wood featured with Woven Willow, Wooded Solace and Blossom
An earthy clay base with heritage golds creates a warm cosy look for homes that are private spaces full of meaningful personal objects. A scheme that lends itself to antique rugs, ruby rich velvet cushions, warm honey based woods, ochre golds, terracotta (try Dulux Cinnamon Sprinkle or Summer Pecan 1), and natural textures like mohair, tan leather, hessian, sisal and wicker.

Inviting – Heart Wood with Pink Parchment, Sapphire Springs 1 & Pine Cone
Personally, I’d ramp this right up by making Blackberry Bush and Pine Cone

the main players, with Sapphire Springs 1 and hints of Heart Wood for a deliciously moody scheme.

Sharpen it up with bitter chocolate woods, black framed art and touches of brass or gold for a sassy atmosphere that’s perfect for sophisticated entertaining. To relax it slightly use taupe accessories, linen textiles and warmer reddy woods like cherry or walnut, which I expect to become part of furniture manufacturers core ranges over the next year and beyond.

Playful – Heart Wood with Golden Sands, Cherished Gold / with Salisbury Stones 5 & Drum Hide

Create a haven of bliss with this cheerful colour palette. Pops of ochre and yellow in Cherished Gold and Golden Sands add a fun energy, grounded with base notes of Heart Wood and Drum Hide, as pictured.

Clean, fresh and uplifting, the scheme is stimulating, balanced with muted tones to ease tension and improve concentration. A winner for family rooms, creative types, restless nomads and spaces lacking in natural light.

The complementary palette also includes a selection of herbal green shades in Gooseberry Fool, Fresh Artichoke and Celtic Forest 1 that can feature as further accents, or solely for a spa like sanctuary.

Work it with bamboo, polished plaster, warm parquet, subtle scent diffusers and oversized plants.

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