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Odd One Out – Hail The Mismatched Earring

Words: Polly
Photos: Anabela Chan, Chambers & Beau, Accessorize, Kat Farmer

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

Imperfection is the order of the day in a world of high expectations and pressure, so it’s nice to be a little bit undone in a cool, rebellious way. Think punk with a huge dollop of glamour and femininity. Essentially it’s about having fun, when fashion can often feel serious, create the unexpected. Who doesn’t love a twist?

You know that feeling when something that feels wrong is so right? Like clashing colours and patterns, or ugly yet cool pieces, and mismatched earrings? Here’s a trend anyone can pull off, asymmetrical drops, odd studs, stud and drop, different colours, odd shapes, mixed metals, cuff and drop or mixed antique with modern. The possibilities are endless.

Having hit the scene back in March, they are now everywhere on the high street too, ready for a party season invasion. It’s good news for all those singleton earrings that have survived a night out, where sadly, their partner didn’t make it home. Now the sole survivor can partner up with a cool friend and come back out to play.

So slap me, my favourite pair would of course be the most expensive (you know when something is described as objets d’art it’s going to hurt) – an upside down style where a couple of jewel positions are subtly reversed;

Aqua Papillon Earrings (£1360 Anabela Chan)
Two dazzling 20 carats and 9 carats green tourmalines and aquamarines, pear-cut canary diamonds and pave-set white diamonds. Anabela Chan, described by Harpers Bazaar as ‘the jewellery designer you need to know’, creates beautiful floral inspired intricate designs, adorned by stars from Rhianna to Rita Ora and Lady Gaga, so yes, they are a pretty price (cue inner dialogue “making them an investment, right?”). I’ve chosen these for the potency of their colour, which would take a whimsical floral maxi dress from day to midnight in a flash. You’ll dazzle through the party season with a dose of happiness and positivity.

Winging It Hoops (From £70 Chambers & Beau)
Ok, for something closer to planet earth. I am mildly, ok muchly, obsessed with this jewellery at the moment. Like swoon. Designed by Devon based Amy Elson, the collection includes hand-stamped lettering which totally appeals to the typography and craft lover in me. On my wishlist are these easy wear mismatch, large sterling silver hoops adorned with a fab wing charm (£70 for this option), or create your own by adding further charms of your choice for an edgy statement. The configuration pictured includes two extra charms; a starburst charm and yellow star on chain, costing £128.

Selection of mismatch earrings (From £12 Accessorize)
And last but not least Accessorise, whose collection of mismatch earrings are divine. With so much choice and not enough piercings for them all, what’s a girl to do but go out more.

Anabela Chan
Chambers and Beau

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