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Curious About Mustang

Words: Polly

Photos: Ford / Curious Coco

“Iconic status as standard” – Ford

The iconic American pony car with the song bearing its name has been redefined, and its now available to buy in the UK.

With the wind turning my already fluffy hair into candyfloss I don’t care, because this is so much fun. Cruising in a Mustang convertible from Miami down the US1 to Key West is a bucket list entry for sure. The sun beats down from blue skies and I am grinning from ear to ear. This is a great car to drive, with air-con seats it’s comfortable as well as responsive, pokey and functional; all the qualities that make for great design. Yet, in a era of equality where there is no more pink or blue, I wonder if it is still too masculine for me and too aggressive looking for the UK? Can I imagine turning (growling) up at Tesco for my click n’ collect on a rainy day?

Well, Ford thinks we are totally ready for it in good ole Blighty and as a design fan it does tick a lot of boxes. Behind the wheel of a Mustang you’ve got complete control over the way the car drives and handles. At the flick of a switch, you can change between four different modes: Normal, Sport Plus, Track, and Snow/Wet. Each setting adjusts throttle response, gearshift points (on automatic transmission models), steering effort and stability control. By tuning the car’s set-up to the specific demands of a situation, you can drive with confidence in them all.

Other features include: AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control (ESC), designed to give you greater control. Sensors constantly monitor the speed of each individual wheel, as well as the car’s direction and steering angle. ESC precisely balances braking power between each individual wheel and can also reduce power from the engine. This helps counter understeer and oversteer, making it more stable and easier to control. ESC and Traction Control can also reduce the risk of wheelspin in wet or icy conditions, while Hill Start Assist temporarily stops you rolling backwards or forwards when making a hill start. Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) automatically adjusts to provide easier, lighter steering when you’re parking in a tight spot and firmer steering for more control on motorways. Unlike conventional power-assisted steering that operates continuously and consumes energy and fuel, EPAS only operates when required,


helping to improve fuel economy. It can also assist in compensating for drift due to road camber or crosswinds, and can help counteract any high-speed wheel imbalance. Electronic Line-Lock is an entirely new feature and a technology that’s unique to the Mustang.

Ford SYNC 3 with Voice Control and Touchscreen takes infotainment systems a step further with the addition of an 8” coloured easy use touchscreen. This high-resolution display gives intuitive control of several key functions including phone, audio, climate control and optional navigation via voice or touch.

Then there’s the optional Shaker Pro Audio System features a DAB+ Radio and single-CD/MP3 player. Twelve speakers, yes twelve, including an eight-inch subwoofer mounted in the boot, combine to provide crystal-clear stereo sound (optional at extra cost). I can totally live with this.

Also, now available to pre-order is a distinctive, exclusive and potent Mustang Shadow Edition that puts other sports coupés in the shade. The black bonnet stripes, lower door stripes, black badging and unique 19″ black painted alloy wheels, provide a striking contrast to your chosen exterior colour. If that wasn’t exciting enough, Ford engineers are currently fine tuning the next generation Mustang, which will be electrifying – literally. The Mustang 2020 will be a hybrid with V8 level performance and a part of Ford’s eco drive targets, that will include thirteen other models as additions to its paddock over the next few years – look out for details.

And what of the man behind the iconic Mustang Sally song? It is reported that Sir Mack Rice never has owned a Mustang, though he did ride in one a few years back when he did a show for Ford at company headquarters. He joked about struggling to get in and out of a car like that at his age, but the experience did warm his view of the Mustang a good bit. “Man!” he said. “It was tight!”

Ford Mustang       2.3ltr EcoBoost from £33,645  /  5ltr V8 GT from £38,095


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