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Curious About TINCTURE  

Words: Polly

Photos: Tincture

Perhaps we can make a dent in our ever increasing toxic world, one household at a time, by committing to reduce our chemical footprint in the same way we’ve embraced recycling and the 5p carrier bag? 

Maybe it’s reaching my 40’s, maybe it’s seeing close friends impacted by cancer and maybe it’s Sky’s #OceanRescue campaign that has had me thinking a lot more about toxic chemicals lately.

I’ve also mentioned before about having Malassezia, a skin condition that seems to be in my case at least, on overdrive. After lots of failed over the counter medications, GP appointments and dietary changes I’m on a path of discovery for products that don’t irritate or encourage the condition. This has led to a stripping back of sorts to organic foods where possible, non-biological detergents, sensitive skin fabric softeners and synthetic/chemical/fragrance free shampoos, showergels and moisturisers (see my post on Drunk Elephant). This has made me aware, not only of how many chemicals we come into contact with everyday, but also the amount of toxins we wash down the drain on a daily basis.

That’s how I discovered TINCTURE.

We wanted to create a superior all-natural cleaning product range that would not compromise on the health and wellbeing of the user or the environment. TINCTURE enhances the experience of household cleaning, creating a cleansing journey akin to a therapeutic spa experience as well as looking subtle and stylish in any home – Angelika Davenport (TINCTURE co-founder).

Cleaning just got stylish.

Sisters Anastasia Brozler and Angelika Davenport combine the former’s marketing prowess as former head of marketing for L’Oréal and Estée Lauder, and perfumers knowledge as founder of bespoke fragrance house Creative Perfumers, with the latter’s PhD in business and economics and extensive background in finance.

The pair have collaborated with UK Chemists and drawn on centuries old monastic knowledge of active botanical ingredients to formulate a range of chemically free cleaning solutions using only sustainable, natural ingredients. These include herbs and plants already known for their antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and soothing properties, that promote holistic cleaning.

TINCTURE returns us to an age when natural plants were used for their protective and medicinal properties for cleansing, an era where knowledge of the scientific properties of botanical plants were garnered over time and used with wisdom. The most exciting thing about TINCTURE is discovering how antibacterial, antiseptic and detoxification ingredients already exist in nature – Anastasia 

Conceived, manufactured and packaged in the UK, products include: Washing-Up, All-Purpose, Glass & Mirror, Furniture, Floor and Bathroom cleaners, alongside Hand Wash, Hand Lotion and a Room Spray – all cruelty free.

That’s zero animal testing for any of its products, including any third party animal tests on their behalf. All products and ingredients are reviewed prior to use to ensure that the suppliers of the ingredients have also not conducted animal testing. The only product not suitable for vegan use is the Furniture TINCTURE because it’s formulated using sustainable beeswax. All other products use 100% plant-based ingredients suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans.

I really like how intelligent, considerate, eco and family-friendly it is as a brand. From it’s recyclable packaging with minimal printing inks used, to avoiding chemical ingredients known to exacerbate conditions like eczema and asthma. Even the antibacterial eight-sided bottles are inspired by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who believed the octagon was aligned with safety, steadfastness and balance.

‘Born With A Silver Spoon’ – Utilising Silver Technology

Not just for maintaining platinum blondes, silver has been used for hundreds of years as a way of preserving freshness, for example, keeping water fresh in silver jugs. Since then it has been found to have antimicrobial properties similar to those in copper that are particularly effective for medical purposes. Silver disrupts the protective coating and metabolism of bacteria preventing reproduction and therefore spreading. ‘Most of the surfaces and paint in hospitals as well as some plasters, socks and deodorants incorporate Silver Technology to protect from harmful bacteria without causing resistant strains’. TINCTURE uses Silver Technology in its formulas and the bottle material so even the packaging stays bacteria free.

Founded by women, British made and eco-friendly are all positive criteria but how does the range perform?

Akin to a spa experience? I wouldn’t go quite that far, since when has cleaning been an escape?! But I do get where they are coming from with this statement because the scents are gentle and pleasing.

From £7.50 a pop they’re not cheap, so I’ve bought as I’ve needed to replace items. That said, the bottles are generously sized (400ml) and do last. So far I’ve been using the All-Purpose Cleaner with sage, juniper and clove – antiseptic properties that make it perfect for the kitchen and it performs well. The Washing-Up Liquid has Norfolk grown chamomile, granted it’s not as soapy as the likes of Fairy, but the clean is squeaky. I was a bit dubious about how effective the Glass & Mirror cleaner would be when not even the leading supermarket brands seem to deliver streak free windows. However, I’m happy to report I found it to be easily as effective, if not better. A massive plus is the subtle scent of Bay, Bergamot and Sage that smells so fresh it’s like bringing a bunch of cut flowers in from the garden (no, I don’t do this either, which is why the smell is so welcome). The glass cleaner is easily my favourite scent.

“They smell real because they are real, meaning you can clean your house chemical-free.” Vogue, January 2017

It helps that are from the perfume industry, giving them a distinct nose for the perfect blend of aroma. TINCTURE products are not enhanced with synthetic chemically created scents which do nothing to improve the cleansing ability of a product. Instead, they smell exactly as they are – natural.

As well as not using any harsh chemicals, the bottles, including the coloured rubber bands, are biodegradable and the shipping bags and tape are made from 100% recyclable paper. Even the bubble wrap is biodegradable – that level of thought and commitment deserves some brand loyalty. So for me it really is bye bye harsh chemical cleaners, hello Mother Nature!

Perhaps we can make a dent in our ever increasing toxic world, one household at a time, by committing to reduce our chemical footprint in the same way we’ve embraced recycling and the 5p carrier bag; what do you think?

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