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Lockdown Living – FREE  ‘Sanity Saving’ Kids Activities

Words: Polly

Photos: Instagram

Parenting is a tough gig at the best of times, let alone during lockdown, so here’s a few ways to keep the little darlings occupied and you sane!”


Dazzle & Fizz 
10am/11am Daily
Online kids and toddler groups via Facebook Live, so you’ll need a Facebook account to join in. Enjoy family fun including singing, dancing, magic, arts & crafts and games to keep your little ones entertained. Sign Up Here

PE Club with Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) 
9am Mon-Fri
Wear them out with a fun and healthy PE based workout. Joe will hosting a LIVE workout for kids on his YouTube channel at 9am Mon-Fri. It’s fun and energising and will leave you and your kids with a big smile on your faces 😀. There’s loads of adult workouts too, so the whole family can get fit during lockdown. Join in on You Tube here

Storytime with Kate
5pm Mon-Fri
Let Kate Watson-Smyth read your kids a story via Instagram; perfectly timed for you to get dinner ready, catch the news, your breath, have a cuppa, or a g&t! Look out for it here

Lego Challenge 
Lego lovers will be occupied for hours with this daily building challenge from My Kids Time, that pushes creativity. Get building exciting things from a birthday cake to a pirate ship.
Download your 30 Day Lego Challenge Poster Here
(There’s also a useful guide on how to speak with your child about Corona Virus here)

Mud Painting
Shared by artist Kate Eveson on Instagram, this is a great activity for getting the kids outside, getting messy and being creative!
1. Get in the garden or go for a walk to your local park and collect lots of things to paint with. Sticks, moss, feathers, whatever you can find.
2. Next collect some soil and mix with water to make your paint. You can experiment with different soils and consistencies.This bit is nice and messy so kids love it!
3. Get some paper, use the sticks, moss and other objects collected to write, make marks and paint. Get creative! 🤎Happy Mud Painting🤎

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