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Curious About Aurelia Deodorant

Words: Polly

Photos: Aurelia Skincare

“…whilst the link between aluminium and cancer is not proven, who wants to remain a guinea-pig?”

The majority of anti-perspirants are aluminium-based that work by using aluminium salts to block and alter sweat ducts. This interferes with our body’s natural response and it has been clinically proven that aluminium is absorbed through the skin. There has been a rumoured link to cancer for some time, but currently there is not sufficient evidence to establish a causal relationship between aluminium exposure and the augmented risk of developing breast cancer.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s Botanical Cream Deodorant offers a highly effective gentle and natural alternative for all those concerned about the effects of aluminium and who may want to avoid this questionable ingredient.

It is lovely. Creamy, easy to apply and effective; it is my go to alu-free deodorant. It’s really easy to use, I scoop out a pea sized amount on my fingernail then transfer it to my fingertip, this avoids getting it under your nail, then simply rub it into your whole underarm area. Superfine powdered plant based botanicals including antimicrobial Arrowroot and pure Kaolin sit invisibly on the skin ready to absorb your natural perspiration throughout the day; retaining dryness, inhibiting bacteria and resulting in long-lasting freshness. Shea butter gently hydrates, essential oils Tea tree, Eucalyptus and Peppermint, with their antiseptic and antibacterial properties, blend with distilled Lavender and Bergamot to lightly fragrance and deodorise.



The magical cream-to-powder formulation contains no unnecessary hardeners or waxes so the consistency can sometimes change in hot climates, though I recently took it on a trip to Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and it remained both stable and effective. However, don’t worry if it separates, simply mix it gently and place in the fridge until it cools and hardens.

The 50g jar lasts approximately 2 months using said pea sized scoop, so coughing up £18 vs £3 per spray deodorant is relatively equal.

As mentioned, I’ve successfully trialed it abroad, as well as in the gym and it doesn’t leave white marks – hoorah. Plus it’s suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, it’s dermatologically tested and adheres to Aurelia’s strict free from policy.

It’s revelation that really works and whilst the link between aluminium and cancer is not proven, who wants to remain a guinea-pig?

Be curious – check them out below, you’ll find the deo in the ‘body’ section (the cream body cleanser is also lovely)….happy exploring.



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